We are so happy to announce the CT-50, 50 Day Transformation Challenge. This is a free event that we are putting on as a thank you for trusting us with your fitness goals and deciding to use CT-50. Please read this short article to learn more about how I am gonna help you change your life over the next 50 days.

You see, this isn’t like any of the other transformation challenges you’ve seen in the past where winners were chosen based on just weight loss. We are looking to do more than just help you lose fat. In fact this will be the 6th time I’ve hosted a transformation challenge, so I’ve learned a thing or two about how to help you effectively change your life.

Take Mariko for example…

Markio PicturesWhen we started working together, she was overweight, self conscious and feeling defeated. She joined one of the first transformation contests I ever created and completely transformed her body and her life. Don’t believe me? Here’s her own words…

“Before, I was not a fan of my body. I was very self-conscious of my stomach and thighs and I do a lot to hide my body through the way I dress and even the workout clothes I wear. Four years ago I went through a tough breakup and I put on 30lbs in one year and wasn’t able to lose it.

Now, I am feeling so much better about my body. This is the first time I have ever seen any change. I have lost 14.5lbs and 9 inches in only 6 weeks! And almost 5” off just my waist. Also I’ve been able to fit into some jeans that I couldn’t fit into before but was too stubborn to get rid of.”

Mariko M.

Her transformation was incredible, but let me finish the story because Mariko had an even more powerful transformation than all of the fat that melted off her body.

You see, about 6 months after Mariko made this amazing transformation, I put on another transformation challenge. When I looked at my sign up sheets, Mariko’s name wasn’t on them. I figured with all of the success she had she would be back on board for another round, right?

So I emailed her and asked her why she wasn’t going to join me for another challenge. Her words melted my heart and made me realize why I got into helping people in the first place. This is what she said to me…

“I didn’t join the new challenge because after the last one I just kept going. I feel like I’ve transformed my habits enough that I don’t need another challenge. For the first time in my life, I know what to do to keep my body looking and feeling great!”

After hearing those words, I made it my personal mission to do everything in my power to help others have the same experience Mariko had. To help YOU make a real and lasting change so you can finish the challenge knowing you are on the right path for life!

Today, you have the opportunity to join the 4,277 others who chose to embrace CT-50 in a Challenge that I guarantee will change your life!

But, and this is a big but… Since there’s only one of me and I want to make sure that I can help each and every person who joins me in this 50 day challenge make a powerful and permanent transformation I have to limit this to only 250 people. Here’s what you have to do right now to make sure you are one of those people…


  • CT-50, 50 Day Transformation Challenge Starts On September 23rd And Ends On November 11th, 2013
  • This event is 100% free, you will not be charged a dime. That being said, I have run challenges just like this where attendees pay $197 for only 30 days. If you are chosen as one of the 250, you will get 50 days of coaching at ZERO COST TO YOU
  • We are giving away over $3,000 in prizes, and if you want to be one of the very few people who have a CT-50 shirt, this is the only place to get one
  • I will be personally emailing you 3 days per week with a series of life transforming lessons that will help you make the next 50 days the most transformative you’ve ever had
  • We will be holding private conference calls where you can ask your questions and I can help you customize your CT-50 workouts and nutrition plan so you can get the best results
  • We are only allowing 250 people to join us in the challenge which means if you are interested you must jump on over to STEP #2 and let us know you are ready for a transformation…


Fill out the form below and click submit if you are interested in being considered for one of the 250 available spots for the challenge.


Since there will likely be more than 250 people entering the transformation challenge we will be sending an email out in the next few days to let you know if your application to join the 50 day challenge was approved.

If you’ve read this far then I know that you are genuinely interested in changing your life. The challenge I have planned for you can be the event that changes the way you think and act around your workouts, nutrition and lifestyle. And perhaps by the end of it, you will send me an email, just like Mariko, saying that you finally feel like you know what you have to do to look and feel your best.

If you’re even remotely interested in joining me on this 50 day transformation challenge the I urge you to take action and fill out the form below. That way you at least have a chance at being one of the 250 people we select to be apart of the CT-50, 50 day transformation.


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  1. I really do need this! However I can’t get it to submit. There is a shaded area over the submit button that won’t allow me to enter. Help!

  2. I am motivated and fit but I am also 12 lbs heavier than I used to be after turning 40 and surviving breast cancer and nothing has worked-I want to give you the chance to get me back to my ideal! Please help!

  3. Is there an age over which you would consider the CT-50 protocol to be inappropriate? For example, personal training manuals say that persons over 50 shouldn’t do plyometrics. Can people in their 60s or 70s do CT-50 if they are otherwise healthy and in decent shape?

  4. I have this same issue as Chris – most of the page is covered in shaded box which prevent hitting the submit button. This is from an IOS device. Will try again when I get to work from a normal PC. I hope there are still spaces left!!

  5. Tyler, I recent purchased the CT 50 program and would be interested in the transformation challenge but I have a shaded field obscuring the video and the submit option. I have tried on different devices with the same problem. Thanks for any assistance.

  6. Lamento no haberlo comentado al comienzo, antes de comprar CT50, por falta de indicaciones al respecto, sobre edades y características de los ejercicios.
    Tengo muy saludables 85 años y aun realizo a diario prácticas de una hora con un equipo de Pilates que poseo.He sido muy activo en tennis pero me he dejado estar y hoy tengo más de 30 libras de exceso de peso, que espero bajar.
    Espero vuestra respuesta

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